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My name is Cynthia, & I’m passionate about staying healthy and alive! And I want to help you do the same, for a better life! I am proud to share Wellness Solutions that never go out of style.

Water Heals!

Getting enough water every day is important for your health. Drinking water can prevent dehydration, a condition that can cause unclear thinking, result in mood change, cause your body to overheat, and lead to constipation and kidney stones. Water helps your body: Keep a normal temperature.
Water and Healthier Drinks | Healthy Weight, Nutrition … – CDChttps://www.cdc.gov › healthyweight › healthy_e

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Hi. I’m Cynthia, & I’m passionate about wellness!

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There are definite benefits of drinking the “right”beverage at bedtime! Some beverages are better than others,to assure of a good night’s sleep.

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