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Lower Your Risk of Painful Gout by Doing This!

In an article published by the Evolution of Gout, Dr. Ada Kumar reveals that gout is not just extremely painful, but it can create other health issues, as well.

Difficulty moving, and having a ‘good time,’ in addition to difficulty sleeping and even depression are common problems many people have reported experiencing as a direct result of this painful ailment!

But you can actually lower your risk of elevated uric acid in your blood-stream…a direct cause of gout…

Patients who know all-too-well how to regulate their uric-acid levels, know that diet and regular exercise are vitally important. But did you know that there is something else you can do to lower your risk?

When you have extra time, like on the weekend, catch up on your sleep! That’s right. Take a nap, sleep late, turn-in earlier. Simple, but not easy, I know.

But when you think about it, gout is not easy either!