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Hydration Matters: Get Your Free Guide!

When I was in my forties, I began to worry for the first time about my weight. I remember that one year, I brought appetite-suppressants…the chocolate-gummies kind…to the family Thanksgiving Dinner. My cousin saw me pop one in my mouth, and asked me, 

 “Why are you eating candy when it’s time to eat dinner?” 

Of course, I had to admit it wasn’t candy. I said, “It’s a chocolate appetite-suppressant.” 

Celebrate life!

He yelled, “Who brings appetite-suppressants to Thanksgiving Dinner?!” 

The room got quiet. Everybody looked my way. I felt that they somehow knew what was going on. (So embarrassing!)

Now, years later, I’m smarter about what I eat all year long, so that will Never happen to me again!😆

I’m grateful for life’s lessons, however embarrassing. So I’m showing my gratitude by sharing something helpful today, with my blog-readers!

Here’s a Hydration Guide that you can put on your refrigerator door, your mirror, in your backpack, whatever…

”Just don’t leave home without it!”

Happy Holidays!