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Refresh Your Soul: Color and Comfort in Abundance!

If you look around, you’ll realize that nature is extremely colorful. There is color in the trees in the fall and spring, the grass, the animals on land and in water! The sky changes colors with the weather, the time & the seasons! Meteorologist have confirmed that … Even the elements are full of color!

There’s a reason we find certain colors to be “comforting.”  According to Wikipedia, there is a science to human behavior, as well as a psychology behind human behavior…that is determined by colors!

Colors can warm, or make you feel “cold.” For instance, the color red can trigger passion & excitement, while yellow can calm you down.

Ow is the time to celebrate life and endurance through all the challenges and adversities of last year, while looking ahead to a better future!

Calming wind & sun!

Most of the time, now that we are socially-separated and masked-up, I find myself craving simple Comfort… Avoiding crowds, friends and family from another household, large gatherings…

I find comfort in solitude with the beauty I see around me…

  • flowers,
  • birds, and especially,
  • natural gemstones!

… all reminding us of how blessed we are to be alive … to be healthy or … on our way to “a healing” …

…and blessed to be able to simply, love oneself!

There is a magic Transformation-of-spirit …

… found in the secret of meditation, reflection and gratitude!

Here’s a way to find comfort — while focusing your attention on your favorite flower or gemstone…

(3-2-1 Secret Strategy:)

*Think & name 3 things you are grateful for,

*Think & remember 2 people you truly love, & finally,

*Reflect on 1 time you felt like laughing.

Stress-Reduction: How Gemstones Can Help

The summertime heat has me hot! No, really. I mean, “Hot!” 
…Not just the feeling that I’m flushed, but edgy, touchy, more than a little anxious.

woman looking at sea while sitting on beachActually, this is a common feeling during the hot, summer months. Traffic, responsibilities, schedules-to-keep, work, family-life, not to mention, the weather. The weather…It is so unpredictable. The only thing you can count on is — it’s hot!

With all this going on…watching the news… watching my wallet… watching the bank account…the bills…the children…the elderly parents…there’s a lot of stress going on, too. debt1Stress and worry can cause tension headaches, sleepless nights, even missed meals, or too many snacks-of-the-tummy-ache-kind!

Thank goodness God created Gemstones! And people created shopping!

Simply put, that wonderful creation called, Shopping for gemstones… Do a search on your Internet browser:
“Natural gemstones help to absorb negative energy, & so it actually calms in times of stress or worry. “



Carry with you the gemstone for your particular need to help keep you grounded in stressful times.

It’s associated with the Root Chakra, to help balance your Life Force! 

Relax… Just breathe. 

Let the positive energy flow through you. Natural gemstones can help!