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Hydration Matters: Get Your Free Guide!

When I was in my forties, I began to worry for the first time about my weight. I remember that one year, I brought appetite-suppressants…the chocolate-gummies kind…to the family Thanksgiving Dinner. My cousin saw me pop one in my mouth, and asked me, 

 “Why are you eating candy when it’s time to eat dinner?” 

Of course, I had to admit it wasn’t candy. I said, “It’s a chocolate appetite-suppressant.” 

Celebrate life!

He yelled, “Who brings appetite-suppressants to Thanksgiving Dinner?!” 

The room got quiet. Everybody looked my way. I felt that they somehow knew what was going on. (So embarrassing!)

Now, years later, I’m smarter about what I eat all year long, so that will Never happen to me again!😆

I’m grateful for life’s lessons, however embarrassing. So I’m showing my gratitude by sharing something helpful today, with my blog-readers!

Here’s a Hydration Guide that you can put on your refrigerator door, your mirror, in your backpack, whatever…

”Just don’t leave home without it!”

Happy Holidays!


Low-Cost, Healthy Eating Habits & Osteopathic Medicine: Life-Changing Video

Are you suffering with health issues that your doctor only wants to treat with chemical prescriptions?

I mean things like…

  • arthritis
  • back pain
  • headaches
  • tennis elbow
  • digestive issues
  • postural problems
  • problems with sleeping or
  • nervous, circulatory or lymphatic symptoms?

Seems like the only thing that brings relief is a pill of some sort!

Enter “Osteopathic medicine!”

You see, Osteopathic medicine  is practiced by doctors who believe there’s more to “feeling good” than just the “absence of pain or disease.”

And personally, I’m eager to relieve the cause of my pain and discomfort, the root cause of my disease…not merely relieve the symptoms temporarily, until I can take another pill.

How about you?

One reason I’m suffering, is my life-long diet…eating the sugary, salty things that I shouldn’t.

“Oh, my shoulder! I need to take something for this pain!”

For years, I used the excuse that a healthy diet is too expensive for me. Who has money for all those things?

‘Chips and cookies are far more affordable and easy to pick up at the store!’

‘Just grab a six pack of Cokes!’

But now, I discovered that by merely eating the “right” foods can make a

huge difference in the way I feel.

Here is a revealing video that blew me away, and it also “Blew away” that flimsy excuse of mine!

Spoiler: It doesn’t have to cost a lot to eat healthy.

CLICK HERE TO Learn more about how you can turn your life around, feel better, sleep better, enjoy more energy…without breaking the bank, in the revealing, Free video, by the well-known and respected, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine…

Dr. Erik Richardson!

Essential Nutrients You Shouldn’t Live Without: New Health Line Report!

There are so many so-called “healthy” diets nowadays, it’s hard to know which are best for your body-type or age.

Looking for another diet?

But with all the options and all the confusion those options may create, my doctor recommends that I avoid the the dieters’ dilemma, and simplify my life by simply eating healthier…avoiding salty and sugary snacks, drinks or meals.

Basically, I found that just concentrating on the “essentials” will be a boost to enhancing my health & overall wellness! That’s good news!

Consider this revealing Report from our trusted friends at!

Tired? Restless Nights? Your Daily Vitamin May Be Letting You Down.

There has been a lot of speculation about the effectiveness of a daily multivitamin for boosting energy, helping you sleep better, increasing organ-function, & so forth. But the reality of life is simply…

“I take a multiple vitamin every day, but I’m still feeing tired and having trouble sleeping at night! What’s the matter with me?”

Fact is, there is nothing you can do about the effectiveness (rather, the lack thereof), of the vitamins you pick-up at the local drugstore.

Most are just not as potent as they may claim to be!

Feeling tired? Trouble sleeping? There’s hope!

Secondly, the most effective way to get the daily nutrients you need simply may not be readily available at your local drugstore. Think about it. How many times have you seen liquid vitamins advertised or even sold, at the local drugstore?

…In my town? Rarely, if ever!

Now, here’s another little-known fact: Liquid vitamins may be exactly what your body needs to stay energized all day, help you rest & sleep all night, and even help those aching muscles & joints!

Not only is the absorption rate for liquid multivitamins higher and more effective than for other forms, but it is also faster than pills or capsules. This is because of how they are each broken down in the body.  ~May 21, 2021

Reference: 5 biggest benefits of liquid vitamins, minerals, and other supplements. › lists › 5-biggest-benefits…

USA Today e-magazine website

Next time you pop a multivitamin, think about what you’ve been told, and then, consider how that little pill or capsule makes you feel.

Most importantly, think about how it Doesn’t make you feel! Are you wasting dollars and time, trying to achieve a different result, yet daily doing the same thing?

Want to feel better? Have more energy? Sleep better? Feel better? (Did I say that again?)

Want a different result? Try something different!

Feel better, starting today!

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