That’s One Healthy Dog!

One of my favorite commercials starts with a swirling blender that’s loaded with 5 or maybe 6 different fruits & veggies. As it continues to swirl, it’s ingredients spill out, sloppily onto the table, and the announcer says, “It’s hard to eat healthy…unless you’re a dog.” Then the German Shepherd comes & starts eating his dish of ‘healthy’ dog food! (Get it? It’s a dog food commercial.)

Fact is, it really is hard to eat healthy. We are so busy with life, and the cares of life  & its responsibilities, that a meal of almost any kind, will do!

But I have a special surprise for my loyal readers today. It’s something that has helped me, in so many ways! This was given to me by someone who cared enough to share, now I’m sharing it with you! And it’s Free!

So get ready to be further enriched –  with help for healthier living! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!


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