What a Freed Soul Feels

There was a time in my life when I could not simply do whatever I felt like doing.

I couldn’t turn on the TV at anytime of night.

I couldn’t open the refrigerator and pick something to eat whenever I felt like it…because, It wasn’t my refrigerator.

I remember a time when I didn’t have a radio handy, or an mp3-player, or an iPad, or even a computer.

… There was a time when we had nothing. Hurricane Katrina blew through our hometown, and destroyed it all.

But, now, many years later, here we are…

It’s not a secret…It’s well-known and accepted, that “as a person thinks, so Is that person.”

Truth is, I’ve always believed in the Unseen. So even in the struggle, I connect with at unseen I AM…with singing.

A “freed” soul is one Who Believes. No food, no things, no one, will inspire you if you doubt your freedom. Dare to believe. Then sing it out!

You are a free spirit.

I pray that you are One Who Believes in hope.

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