How Important is Mindfulness & Meditation?

According to Women’s Day Magazine, June 2019 edition, “You don’t need to hold a special pose to meditate…Just chill & focus on your breath.”

Just breathe.

Meditation relaxes your mind, body and spirit in such a way that you are mindful of the present moment, your breathing, your body, the sounds around you & most importantly, how you feel.

Take a few minutes throughout the day to relax. Research has proven that when you do, you will experience less stress, less anxiety, a reduction in sleep problems, and even your reaction to negative “outside influences,” such as traffic, work environment, and noise.

Mindfulness helps in many ways.

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Christian music is my passion. I play electric & acoustic piano, Hammond & Baldwin organ, & I typically perform in the Alto vocal-range, but successfully teach vocal music in all voice-ranges to adults & children, directing the choirs of 2 Baptist churches and leading congregational singing in the Worship experience. I work in the field of Online Marketing, and yes, I'm making money with it! I love to travel, I love to dance, I enjoy all types of music & I love to meet & interact with people & animals of all kinds.

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