Believe that your existence mean something

Believe the holy Scripture that teaches that all things work together for the good of those who love God: Because there is a divine purpose for your life-experiences!

Uzma Ashraf

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sometimes life becomes very difficult, as difficult that we start complaining to our God. we really don’t know that God had might be planning something special for us. This is why we do so! because we start to compare our-self with others, we do not think that everyone has different qualities or even we know but we hide it from our inner self.  And that curiosity of being like others snatches the real pleasures of life, therefore our lives become despondent. In fact, we make our lives arduous. So, stop comparing yourself with others love yourself  who you are. Live with this belief that you are here for a special purpose and God has awarded you different talent and skills. 

-Uzma Ashraf  

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