The law of distraction

The book of a corporate yogi

It’s a very simple law:

“When something distracts you, it changes the situation you
are in”

The best way to experience the power of law of distraction
is when a kid a crying for something and mother points out towards something
else and kid completely forgets his original demand.

Law of distraction can be easily experienced when you are
driving at a speed of 110 km/hr on a freeway and you take off your eyes for a
couple of seconds from the road ahead of you.

Both these examples show the power of importance of “Law of distraction”

This law is really helpful when you are stressed, anxious or

and fear comes from thoughts about future.

and grief comes from thoughts about past.”

When you take away your mind from these thoughts, you live
in present.

When you involve yourself in some art E.g. painting, music,

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