Whatever Comes Your Way, Stay Positive!

With so many obstacles, happening in rapid-fire succession, followed by more troubling events, I thought I was going to explode!

I started having trouble sleeping. I’d wake up all through the night for no apparent reason.

Next morning, coming too soon, I’m tired and irritable. Stressed & tense, my days were long & difficult. With each cross word I used, I became increasingly angry…by the children running in the house, the noisy neighbors, the dog that won’t stop barking…

That brought on a tension-headache!

Are my Chakras out of balance, or What?

Years later…(guess I’m a slow learner)…

I discovered the One thing that makes all the difference between just surviving…

…And thriving…no matter the situation.

A positive mind is a powerful thing.


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Christian music is my passion. I play electric & acoustic piano, Hammond & Baldwin organ, & I typically perform in the Alto vocal-range, but successfully teach vocal music in all voice-ranges to adults & children, directing the choirs of 2 Baptist churches and leading congregational singing in the Worship experience. I work in the field of Online Marketing, and yes, I'm making money with it! I love to travel, I love to dance, I enjoy all types of music & I love to meet & interact with people & animals of all kinds.

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